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Tinted Glass

Body tinted glass is a specialised glass variety that derives its unique characteristics by incorporating metal oxides into the glass composition. This infusion of metal oxides results in captivating hues such as bronze, blue, grey, or green, imbuing the glass with an exquisite and distinctive appearance. However, the appeal of body tinted glass extends far beyond its aesthetic qualities. 

One of the primary advantages of body tinted glass is its remarkable ability to mitigate the emission of heat from the sun. This solar heat reduction property makes it an ideal choice for an array of applications, ranging from creating captivating feature shelving to crafting outdoor balustrading and enhancing the energy efficiency of commercial premises. The tinted hues not only add visual interest but also serve a functional purpose by reducing the impact of intense sunlight and enhancing energy conservation.

Whether you are aiming to fashion visually striking displays or seeking to harness the benefits of solar heat reduction, body tinted glass from Union Glass stands as the perfect solution. It seamlessly amalgamates aesthetics with functionality, offering versatility for an extensive spectrum of applications while maintaining a distinct and stylish appearance that elevates any project it graces. 

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