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Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass, available through Union Glass, is a distinctive and versatile glass option that embodies both artistic expression and functionality. This specialised glass is meticulously crafted using a sandblasting process, where fine abrasive particles are propelled at high pressure onto the glass surface, resulting in a unique frosted appearance. 

The beauty of sandblasted glass lies in its ability to provide privacy while adding aesthetic charm. It scatters light in a delightful manner, creating a soft and inviting ambience while maintaining a level of translucency. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including windows, shower enclosures, room partitions, and decorative glass panels. 

Sandblasted glass excels at striking a balance between visual appeal and practicality. It enhances interior spaces with a touch of sophistication and style while serving essential functions. It offers privacy without completely blocking natural light, making it an ideal choice for areas where both illumination and discretion are desired.

Furthermore, sandblasted glass is highly customisable, allowing for intricate patterns, designs, or logos to be etched onto its surface. This opens up endless possibilities for adding a personal and artistic touch to any application. 

Whether you’re looking to create a more inviting atmosphere in your home or elevate the interior design of a commercial space, sandblasted glass from Union Glass offers a perfect blend of artistic flair, practicality, and versatility, transforming any area into a visually captivating work of art. 

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