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Restoration Glass

Restoration glass, a distinctive offering from Union Glass, is meticulously crafted to recreate the enchanting aesthetics of traditional period glass while ensuring modern safety standards. This remarkable glass embodies the authentic charm, featuring the captivating wave, delicate bubbles, and unique characteristics reminiscent of historic glass dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. It serves as the perfect choice for preserving the heritage and allure of listed and historic buildings, particularly when it comes to replacing sash windows and leaded lights. 

Restoration glass is available in two thickness options: 3mm and 5mm, providing flexibility to cater to various restoration projects. To align with contemporary safety regulations, it can be laminated, enhancing its structural integrity and safety. For added versatility, the 5mm variant of this glass can be toughened or transformed into double-glazed sealed units, ensuring not only its aesthetic appeal but also its practicality and functionality. 

Whether you’re working on the restoration of a heritage property or seeking to capture the essence of a bygone era in your modern design, Union Glass’s Restoration glass offers the perfect blend of timeless charm and contemporary safety and convenience. 

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