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Furniture glass

We have all bought beautiful new pieces of furniture, only to realise we need to protect the top of it from every day use. White high gloss furniture can sometimes discolour with heat or oil based stains. Wooden furniture can be damaged with moisture, heat or scratches.

Protective glass tops are perfect for coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, consoles, bedroom furniture, display cabinets and desks. Furniture glass can also brighten and your space, as glass helps reflect the natural light flow around a room. It’s also maintenance free.

We customise the glass to your furniture to ensure a perfect fit and polish the edges for a smooth, sleek look and safe handling. The glass comes in different thicknesses and we can advise you of the thickness you require for your individual furniture pieces.

The glass can be clear, tinted, back painted, frosted or opaque, to suit your personal style.

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