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Frequently Asked Questions

What is safety glass?
Safety glass is treated so that if it is broken it does not shatter into sharp shards. There are two options, toughened or laminated.

What is toughened glass?
Toughened glass has been heat treated to change the structure of the glass so that it has increased strength and if it fails it shatters into small granular pieces.

Can you cut toughened glass?
Because of the heat treatment process the glass has to be cut and finished before treatment an it is not possible to cut the glass after heat treatment.

What is laminated glass?
Laminated glass has a plastic layer between two pieces of glass which means if the glass breaks the glass is retained and is not a danger.

Where do I need to use safety glass?
In doors and windows with low cills. There are complex regulations surrounding the precise locations, this glass safety zone diagram may help (opens in new window), we are always pleased to advise on the need for safety glass in a particular location.

How can I tell safety glass?
It has a BS Kitemark on it.

What is fire glass?
This is glass which has been specially made to have fire resisting properties. It's use is required to achieve fire resistance for buildings to enable them to meet current building regulations.

What is low iron glass?
Low iron glass is a special type of glass which is optically pure and does not add any colour cast. We always use low iron glass on our splashbacks ensuring a perfect colour match.

What standard thickness does a double glazed unit come in?
The overall thickness of DGU's varies from 14mm to 28mm.

What colours of spacer bars can you get?
They come Silver and Bronze which is standard but you can white, black and Gold. Then of course you have the Super spacer bars which come in White and Black.

Do I need safety glass i.e. toughened, laminated & safety wired in a door?
You need to have safety glass in a door when the width of the glass measures over 250mm wide and also in low level glazing and glass that is next to a door.

Do you keep toughened glass in stock?
Toughened glass once manufactured cannot be cut or altered.

Can a mirror be cut to a certain size?
Yes we can make a mirror to virtually any size. We can polish the edges, bevel and drill holes etc.

Can I have a splash back cut to suit an opening?
Yes we can cut to almost any size, shape or colour. We would of course need a template if the glass is shaped.

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